O'Brien, Fitz-James  (1828-1862)

        Child Who Loved a Grave, The

        Diamond Lens, The

        Golden Ingot, The

        My Wife's Tempter

        What Was It? A Mystery

        Wondersmith, The

O'Brien, Frederick  (1869-1932)

        Mystic Isles of the South Seas

        White Shadows in the South Seas

O'Brien, John   (1879-1952)

        Around The Boree Log and Other Verses

Oemler, Marie Conway  (1879-1932)

        Purple Heights, The

        Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man

        Woman Named Smith, A

Ogden, Ruth  (1853-1927)


Ogg, Frederic Austin  (1878-1951)

        Governments of Europe, The

        Old Northwest, The   A Chronicle of the Ohio Valley and Beyond

        Reign of Andrew Jackson, The   A Chronicle of the Frontier in Politics

O'Grady, Standish  (1846-1928)

        Coming of Cuculain, The

        Early Bardic Literature, Ireland

Okakura, Kakuzo  (1862-1913)

        Book of Tea, The

Oliphant, Mrs. Margaret  (1828-1897)

        Beleaguered City, A

        Collected Stories

        Jeanne d'Arc   Her Life and Death

        Little Pilgrim, A

        Little Pilgrim: Further Experiences, The

        Old Lady Mary   A Story of the Seen and the Unseen

        Open Door, and the Portrait, The

        Royal Edinburgh   Her Saints, Kings, Prophets and Poets

Oliver, Charles  (1858-1932)   查尔斯·奥利弗

        ABC's of Science   《科学入门》

Oliver, Optic   (1822-1897)

        Birthday Party, The

Ollivant, Alfred  (1874-1927)

        Bob Son of Battle

        Boy Woodburn   A Story of the Sussex Downs

        Gentleman, The   A Romance of the Sea

Omar Khayyam   (1048-1122)   俄默·迦亚谟

        Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam   《鲁拜集》

O'Neill, Eugene  (1888-1953)

        All God's Chillun Got Wings   《上帝的儿女都有翅膀》

        Anna Christie   《安娜·克里斯蒂》

        Days Without End   《无穷的岁月》

        Desire Under the Elms   《榆树下的欲望》

        Diff'Rent   《与众不同》

        Dynamo   《发电机》

        First Man, The   《最初的人》

        Fountain, The   《泉》

        Great God Brown, The   《大神布朗》

        Hairy Ape, The   《毛猿》

        Iceman Cometh, The   《送冰的人来了》

        Lazarus Laughed   《拉撒路笑了》

        Moon for the Misbegotten, A

        Mourning Becomes Electra

        Strange Interlude   《奇异的插曲》

        Straw, The   《救命草》


        Welded   《难解难分》

Oppenheim, Edward Phillips  (1866-1946)

        Amiable Charlatan, An

        Avenger, The

        Betrayal, The

        Black Box, The

        Box with Broken Seals, The

        Cinema Murder, The

        Devil's Paw, The

        Double Life Of Mr.Alfred Burton, The

        Double Traitor, The

        Evil Shepherd, The

        Governors, The

        Great Impersonation, The

        Great Prince Shan, The

        Great Secret, The


        Illustrious Prince, The

        Jeanne Of The Marshes

        Kingdom of the Blind

        Lighted Way, The

        Lost Ambassador, The   The Search For The Missing Delora

        Lost Leader, A

        Maker of History, A

        Malefactor, The

        Millionaire of Yesterday, A

        Mischief Maker, The

        Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo

        Nobody's Man

        Pawns Count, The

        People's Man, A

        Peter Ruff and the Double Four

        Prince of Sinners, A

        Profiteers, The

        Survivor, The

        Tempting of Tavernake, The

        Vanished Messenger, The

        Yellow Crayon, The

        Zeppelin's Passenger, The

Optic, Oliver   (1822-1897)   奥利弗·奥普蒂克

        Across India   or, Live Boys in the Far East

        All Aboard; or, Life on the Lake   A Sequel to "The Boat Club"

        All Adrift   or The Goldwing Club

        Asiatic Breezes   Students on The Wing

        Birthday Party, The   A Story for Little Folks

        Boat Club, The   or, The Bunkers of Rippleton

        Breaking Away   or The Fortunes of a Student

        Careless Kate   A Story for Little Folks

        Coming Wave, The   The Hidden Treasure of High Rock

        Desk and Debit    or, The Catastrophes of a Clerk

        Dikes and Ditches   Young America in Holland and Belguim

        Dolly and I   A Story for Little Folks

        Down South   or, Yacht Adventure in Florida

        Down the Rhine   Young America in Germany

        Down The River   Buck Bradford and His Tyrants

        Field and Forest   The Fortunes of a Farmer

        Fighting for the Right

        Four Young Explorers   Sight-Seeing in the Tropics

        Freaks of Fortune   or, Half Round the World

        Haste and Waste

        Hope and Have   or, Fanny Grant Among the Indians, A Story for Young People

        In School and Out   or, The Conquest of Richard Grant

        Lieutenant at Eighteen, A

        Little Bobtail   or The Wreck of the Penobscot

        Little By Little   or, The Cruise of the Flyaway

        Now or Never   The Adventures of Bobby Bright

        On The Blockade

        Outward Bound   or, Young America Afloat

        Poor and Proud   《贫穷与骄傲》

        Soldier Boy, The; or, Tom Somers in the Army   A Story of the Great Rebellion

        Stand By The Union

        Taken by the Enemy

        Undivided Union, An

        Up the River   or, Yachting on the Mississippi

        Victorious Union, A

        Within The Enemy's Lines

        Work and Win   or, Noddy Newman on a Cruise

        Yacht Club, The   or The Young Boat-Builder

        Young Lieutenant, The   or, The Adventures of an Army Officer

Orczy, Baroness Emmuska  (1865-1947)   巴恩斯·E·奥切

        Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel, The

        Bronze Eagle, The   A Story of the Hundred Days

        Castles in the Air

        Child of the Revolution, A

        El Dorado, An Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel

        Elusive Pimpernel, The

        First Sir Percy, The

        I Will Repay

        In the Rue Monge

        Lady Molly of Scotland Yard

        Laughing Cavalier, The

        League of the Scarlet Pimpernel, The

        Lord Tony's Wife

        Mam'zelle Guillotine

        Man in Grey, The

        Nest of the Sparrowhawk, The

        Old Man in the Corner, The

        Pimpernel and Rosemary

        Scarlet Pimpernel, The   《深红色的海绿》  

        Skin O' My Tooth

        Sir Percy Hits Back

        Sir Percy Leads the Band

        Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel, The

        Unravelled Knots

        "Unto Caesar"

        Way of the Scarlet Pimpernel, The

O'Reilly, John Boyle   (1844-1890)


Orleans, Elizabeth-Charlotte, Duchesse d'   (1652-1722)

        Memoirs of the Louis XIV and the Regency, The

Orr, Mrs. Sutherland  (1828-1903)   萨瑟兰·奥尔夫人

        Handbook to the Works of Browning, A

        Life and Letters of Robert Browning   《罗伯特·勃朗宁的生平和创作》

Orth, Samuel Peter  (1873-1922)

        Armies of Labor, The   A Chronicle of the Organized Wage-Earners

        Boss and the Machine, The

        Our Foreigners   A Chronicle of Americans in the Making

Orwell, George  (1903-1950)   乔治·奥威尔

        1984     《一九八四年》  

        Animal Farm     《动物庄园》  

        Burmese Days      《缅甸岁月》  

        Clergyman's Daughter, A      《牧师的女儿》 

        Coming up for Air      《上来透口气》 

        Down and Out in Paris and London    《巴黎伦敦落魄记》 

        Fifty Orwell Essays

        Homage to Catalonia     《向卡特洛尼亚致敬》 

        Keep the Aspidistra Flying      《让叶兰飘扬》

        Politics and the English Language

        Road to Wigan Pier, The    《通往威根码头之路》 

        Shooting an Elephant       《猎象记》

Osbourne, Lloyd  (1868-1947)

        Ebb-Tide, The

        Love, The Fiddler

        Motormaniacs, The

        Wrecker, The

        Wrong Box, The

Osler, William  (1849-1919)

        Evolution of Modern Medicine, The

Ossendowski, Ferdinand  (1876-1944)

        Beasts, Men and Gods

Ostrovsky, Aleksandr Nicolaevich  (1823-1886)


        Storm, The

O'Sullivan, Vincent   (1868-1940)

        When I Was Dead and other stories

Otis, James  (1848-1912)

        District Messenger Boy and a Necktie Party, A

        Left Behind   or, Ten Days a Newsboy

        Messenger No. 48

        Minute Boys of the Mohawk Valley, The

        Neal, the Miller

        Richard of Jamestown--A Story of the Virginia Colony

        Ruth of Boston

        Search for the Silver City, The   A Tale of Adventure in Yucatan

        Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus

Ouida  (1839-1908)

        Bebee, or, Two Little Wooden Shoes

        Dog of Flanders, A


        Under Two Flags

        Waters of Edera, The

        Wisdom, Wit, and Pathos of Ouida   Selected from the Works of Ouida

Ovid  (43BC-17AD)   奥威尔

        Metamorphoses   《变形记》   Volume 01      Volume 02

Owen, Robert  (1771-1858)   罗伯特·欧文

        New View of Society, A   《新社会观》

Owen, Wilfred  (1893-1918)


Oxenham, John (1852-1941)

        Bees in Amber--A Little Book Of Thoughtful Verse

        Carette of Sark

        Maid of the Silver Sea, A

        Pearl of Pearl Island

Oxley, James Macdonald  (1855-1907)

        Bert Lloyd's Boyhood   A Story from Nova Scotia

        Young Woodsman, The   Life in the Forests of Canada








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