Habberton, John  (1842-1921)

        All He Knew   A Story

        Helen's Babies

        Romance of California Life

Haeckel, Ernst Heinrich Philipp August  (1834-1919)

        Evolution in Modern Thought

        Evolution of Man, The        Volume One      Volume Two

        Freedom in Science and Teaching

        Monism as Connecting Religion and Science

Haggard, Henry Rider  (1856-1925)   亨利·赖德·哈葛德

        Allan and the Holy Flower

        Allan and the Ice Gods

        Allan Quatermain   《艾伦·夸特梅因》 

        Allan's Wife

        Ancient Allan, The

        Ayesha   The Further History of She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed



        Benita   An African Romance

        Black Heart and White Heart

        Brethren, The

        Cetywayo and his White Neighbours

        Child of Storm


        Colonel Quaritch, V.C.   A Tale of Country Life


        Days of My Life--Autobiography, The        Volume 1        Volume 2 

        Doctor Therne


        Eric Brighteyes

        Fair Margaret  


        Ghost Kings, The

        Heu-Heu ,or, The Monster

        Hunter Quatermain's Story

        Ivory Child, The


        Joan Haste

        King Solomon's Mines   《所罗门王的宝藏》 

        Lady Of Blossholme, The

        Long Odds

        Love Eternal

        Lysbeth   A Tale Of The Dutch

        Mahatma and the Hare, The

        Maiwa's Revenge , or, The War of the Little Hand


        Mary of Marion Isle

        Montezuma's Daughter

        Moon of Israel

        Morning Star

        Mr. Meeson's Will

        Nada the Lily   《百合娜达》


        People Of The Mist, The

        Queen of the Dawn

        Queen Sheba's Ring

        Red Eve


        Robin Hood


        She and Allan

        Smith and the Pharaohs, and Other Tales

        Stella Fregelius

        Swallow   a tale of the great trek

        Tale of Three Lions, A

        Treasure of the Lake, The

        Virgin of the Sun, The

        Wanderer's Necklace, The

        Way of the Spirit, The

        When the World Shook   《当世界动摇之时》

        Winter Pilgrimage, A

        Wisdom's Daughter

        Witch's Head, The

        Wizard, The

        World's Desire, The

        Yellow God, The   or,  An Idol of Africa 

Hains, Thornton Jenkins

        Mr. Trunnell

Hakluyt, Richard  (1552-1616)

        Discovery of Muscovy etc., The

        Voyager's Tales

        Voyages in Search of the North-West Passage

Hale, Edward Everett  (1822-1909)

        Brick Moon and Other Stories, The

        How To Do It

        Life of Christopher Columbus, The   from his own Letters and Journals

        Man Without a Country and Other Tales, The

Hale, Lucretia Peabody  (1820-1900)

        Last of the Peterkins, The   With Others of Their Kin

        Peterkin Papers, The

Hale, Matthew  (1609-1676)   马修·赫尔

        History of the Common Law of England, The   《英国普通法的历史》

Haliburton, Thomas Chandler (1796-1865)

        Attache, The    or, Sam Slick in England

        Clockmaker, The

        Nature and Human Nature

Hall, James Norman  (1887-1951)

        High Adventure A Narrative of Air Fighting in France

        Kitchener's Mob Adventures of an American in the British Army

Hall, Jennie  (1875-1921)

        Viking Tales

Halsey, Harlan Page  (c.1839-1898)

        Cad Metti, The Female Detective Strategist

        Desperate Chance, A   The Wizard Tramp's Revelation

        Dock Rats of New York, The

        Oscar the Detective   Or, Dudie Dunne, The Exquisite Detective

        Successful Shadow, A   A Detective's Successful Quest

        Two Wonderful Detectives   Jack and Gil's Marvelous Skill

Hamilton, Alexander (1755-1804) et al.   亚历山大·汉密尔顿等

        Federalist Papers, The   《联邦党人文集》  

Hamilton, Cosmo  (1879-1942)

        Who Cares?

Hamilton, Frederick Spencer, Lord  (1856-1928)

        Days Before Yesterday, The

        Here, There And Everywhere

Hamilton, Gail  (1833-1896)

        Gala-days and Others

Hammond, S. H.   (1809-1878)

        Wild Northern Scenes

Hamsun, Knut  (1859-1952)

        Growth of the Soil


        Look Back on Happiness


        Shallow Soil


Hanshew, Mary E.   (1852-1927)

        Riddle of the Frozen Flame, The

Hanshew, Thomas W.  (1857-1914)

        Cleek: the Man of the Forty Faces

Harben, William Nathaniel  (1858-1919)

        Desired Woman, The

        Dixie Hart

        Land of the Changing Sun, The


Hardy, Thomas  (1840-1928)   托马斯·哈代

        Changed Man and Other Tales, A

        Collected Stories

        Desperate Remedies

        Dynasts, The

        Far from the Madding Crowd   《远离尘嚣》 

        Group of Noble Dames, A

        Hand of Ethelberta, The

        Jude the Obscure   《无名的裘德》

        Laodicean, A

        Late Lyrics and Earlier

        Life's Little Ironies and a Few Crusted Characters

        Mayor of  Casterbridge, The  《卡斯特桥市长》 

        Moments of Vision and Miscellaneous Verses

        Pair of Blue Eyes, A   《一双蓝眼睛》 

        Poems of the Past and the Present

        Return of the Native, The   《还乡》 

        Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid, The

        Satires of Circumstance, Lyrics and Reveries, with Miscellaneous Pieces

        Tess of the D'Urbervilles   A Pure Woman   《德伯家的苔丝》 

        Time's Laughingstocks and Other Verses

        Trumpet-Major, The

        Two on a Tower

        Under the Greenwood Tree

        Well-Beloved, The --A Sketch of A Temperament

        Wessex Poems and Other Verses

        Wessex Tales

        Woodlanders, The   《林地居民》

Hare, Augustus  (1834-1903)

        Vampire of Croglin Grange, The

Harland, Henry  (1861-1905)

        Cardinal's Snuff-Box, The

        Grey Roses

        Lady Paramount, The

        My Friend Prospero

Harland, Marion  (1830-1922)

        At Last

        Secret of a Happy Home, The

        When Grandmamma Was New   The Story of a Virginia Childhood

Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins  (1825-1911)   弗兰西斯·E·W·哈柏

        Iola Leroy   Shadows Uplifted      《伊欧拉·蕾洛》

        Poems   《诗集》

        Sowing and Reaping       《播种和收获》

        Trial and Triumph

Harrington, James (1611-1677)   哈林顿

        Commonwealth of Oceana, The   《大洋国》 

Harris, Frank  (1856-1931)


        Eatin' Crow; and The Best Man In Garotte

        Elder Conklin and Other Stories

        Gulmore, The Boss

        Man Shakespeare, The

        Modern Idyll, A

        Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions      Volume 01      Volume 02

        Sheriff And His Partner, The

Harris, Joel Chandler  (1848-1908)    乔尔·钱德勒·哈里斯

        Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country

        Little Union Scout, A

        Mingo   And Other Sketches in Black and White

        Nights With Uncle Remus      《和雷姆斯大叔过夜》

        Stories Of Georgia

        Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit

        Uncle Remus, His Songs and His Sayings      《雷姆斯大叔:他的歌曲和故事》

Harrison, Henry Sydnor  (1880-1930)

        Captivating Mary Carstairs


        V. V.'s Eyes

Harte, Bret  (1836-1902)   布勒特·哈特

        Argonauts of North Liberty, The

        Bell-Ringer of Angel's, The

        By Shore and Sedge


        Colonel Starbottle's Client

        Complete Poetical Works

        Condensed Novels


        Crusade of the Excelsior, The

        Devil's Ford

        Dickens in Camp

        Drift from Redwood Camp, A

        Drift from Two Shores

        East and West   Poems

        First Family of Tasajara, A

        Flip: A California Romance

        Found At Blazing Star

        From Sand Hill to Pine

        Frontier Stories

        Heritage of Dedlow Marsh and Other Tales, The

        In A Hollow Of The Hills

        In The Carquinez Woods

        Jeff Briggs's Love Story

        Legends and Tales

        Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Tales, The    《咆哮营的幸运儿及其他故事》

        Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready, A

        Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation

        Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands

        New Burlesques

        On the Frontier

        Openings in the Old Trail

        Phyllis Of The Sierras, A

        Protegee of Jack Hamlin's, A

        Queen of the Pirate Isle, The

        Sally Dows

        Salomy Jane

        Sappho of Green Springs, A

        Selected Stories   《短篇小说选》

        Snow-Bound at Eagle's

        Stories in Light and Shadow

        Story of a Mine, The

        Susy, A Story of the Plains

        Tales of the Argonauts

        Tales of Trail and Town

        Thankful Blossom

        Three Partners, The

        Trent's Trust, and Other Stories

        Twins of Table Mountain, The

        Two Men of Sandy Bar

        Under the Redwoods

        Urban Sketches

        Waif of the Plains, A

        Ward of the Golden Gate, A

Hartley, John  (1839-1915)

        Yorksher Puddin'

        Yorkshire Ditties, First Series

        Yorkshire Ditties, Second Series

        Yorkshire Lyrics

        Yorkshire Tales, Third Series

Hartman, Franz  (1838-1912)

        Authenticated Vampire Story

Harvey, William Fryer  (1885-1937)

        Beast with Five Fingers, The

        Collected Stories

Hastings, Milo Milton  (1884-1957)

        City of Endless Night   

        Class of '29

        Dollar Hen, The

        In the Clutch of the War-God

Hauptmann, Gerhart  (1862-1946)

        Atlantis   A Novel

        Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann, The        Volume I        Volume II

Hawthorne, Julian  (1846-1934)

        Archibald Malmaison


        Confessions and Criticisms

        David Poindexter's Disappearance and Other Tales

        Golden Fleece, The   A Romance

        Hawthorne and His Circle

        Idolatry   A Romance

        Subterranean Brotherhood, The

Hawthorne, Nathaniel  (1804-1864)   纳撒尼尔·霍桑

        Biographical Sketches

        Biographical Stories

        Blithedale Romance, The    《福谷传奇》

        Book of Autographs, A

        Browne's Folly

        Buds and Bird Voices

        Christmas Banquet, The

        Doctor Grimshawe's Secret     《格瑞姆萧医生的秘密》

        Dolliver Romance, The

        Dr. Bullivant

        Earth's Holocaust

        Fanshawe    《范肖》

        Fire Worship

        Fragments From The Journal of a Solitary Man

        Gorgon's Head, The

        Grandfather's Chair

        Great Stone Face, The

        Hall of Fantasy, The

        House of  Seven Gables, The     《带七个尖角阁的房子》 

        Intelligence Office, The

        John Inglefield's Thanksgiving

        Little Daffydowndilly

        Main Street

        Man of Adamant, The

        Marble Faun, The    《玉石雕像》       Volume01     Volume02

        Miraculous Pitcher, The

        Monsieur du Miroir

        Mosses from an Old Manse   《古屋青苔》

        New Adam and Eve, The

        Old Apple Dealer, The

        Old Manse, The

        Old News

        Old Ticonderoga    A Picture of The Past

        Old Woman's Tale, An

        Other Tales and Sketches

        Our Old Home   A Series of English Sketches

        Paradise of Children, The

        Passages From a Relinquised Work

        Passages From The American Notebooks      Volume01      Volume02

        Passages From the English Notebooks

        Passages From the French and Italian Notebooks

        P.'s Correspondence

        Scarlet Letter, The   《红字》 

        Select Party, A

        Septimius Felton:or, the Elixir of Life     《塞普提米斯·费尔顿,或长生不老的灵丹》

        Sketches and Studies

        Sketches From Memory

        Snow Image, The   《雪影》

        Sylph Etherege

        Tanglewood Tales   《堂格尔沃德童话集》

        Three Golden Apples, The

        Time's Portraiture

        True Stories from History and Biography    《历史与传记故事演义》

        Twice-Told Tales   《重述一遍的故事》

        Virtuoso's Collection, A

        Wives of The Dead, The

Hay, John  (1835-1905)

        Abraham Lincoln: A History      Volume01      Volume02

        Bread-winners, The   A Social Study

        Castilian Days

        Pike County Ballads and Other Poems


Hay,  William Gosse  (1875-1945)

        Escape of the Notorious Sir William Heans, The

Hayley, William  (1745-1820)

        Ballads   Founded On Anecdotes Relating To Animals

        Eulogies of Howard, The

        Poems on Serious and Sacred Subjects

Hazlitt, William  (1778-1830)

        Characters of Shakespeare's Plays

        Lectures on the English Poets   Delivered at the Surrey Institution

        Liber Amoris   or, The New Pygmalion

        Spirit of the Age, The   Contemporary Portraits

        Table-Talk, Essays on Men and Manners

Hearn, Lafcadio  (1850-1904)   小泉八云

        Books and Habits from the Lectures of Lafcadio Hearn

        Chita: A Memory of Last Island   《契塔》

        Ghost Story and others, A

        Glimpses of an Unfamiliar Japan      First Series        Second Series

        In Ghostly Japan

        Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation

        Kokoro   Japanese Inner Life Hints

        Kwaidan   《怪谈》

        Romance of the Milky Way, The   And Other Studies & Stories

Hecker, J. F. C.  (1795-1850)

        Black Death and The Dancing Mania, The

Hegel  (1770-1831)   黑格尔

        Lectures on the History of Philosophy   《哲学史演讲录》

        Phenomenology of Mind   《精神现象学》 

        Philosophy of History, The   《历史哲学》

        Philosophy of Nature

        Philosophy of Right

        Philosophy of Spirit

        Science of Logic, The   《逻辑学》

        Shorter Logic   《小逻辑》

Hemphill, Vivia  (1889-1934)

        Down the Mother Lode - Pioneer Tales of California

Hendrick, Burton Jesse  (1870-1949)

        Age of Big Business, The    A Chronicle of the Captains of Industry

        Life and Letters of Walter H. Page, The      Volume I      Volume II

Hendryx, James Beardsley  (1880-1963)

        Challenge of the North, The

        Gold Girl, The

        Gun-Brand, The

        Prairie Flowers

        Promise, The   A Tale of the Great Northwest

        Texan, The   A Story of the Cattle Country

Henley, William Ernest  (1849-1903)

        Hawthorn and Lavender   with Other Verses

        Plays of William E. Henley and R.L. Stevenson


        Song of the Sword, The   and Other Verses

        Views and Reviews   Essays in appreciation

Henning, Rachel  (1826-1914)

        Letters of Rachel Henning, The

Henry, O.  (1862-1910)   欧·亨利

        Cabbages and Kings     《白菜与国王》

        Four Million, The     《四百万》

        Gentle Grafter, The     《温雅的贪污者》

        Gift of the Magi, The    《麦琪的礼物》

        Heart of the West     《西部之心》

        Options   《选择》

        Roads of Destiny     《命运之路》

        Rolling Stones

        Strictly Business (More Stories of the Four Million)     《仅是公事》

        Sixes and Sevens

        Trimmed Lamp, The    《修剪过的灯》

        Voice of the City, The   《城市之声》

        Waifs and Strays (Part 1)

        Whirlingigs   《生活的陀螺》

Henry, Patrick  (1736-1799)

        Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

Hentz, Caroline Lee  (1800-1856)

        Ernest Linwood   or, The Inner Life of the Author

        Helen and Arthur   or, Miss Thusa's Spinning Wheel

Hentzner, Paul  (1558-1623)

        Travels in England During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth

Hergesheimer, Joseph  (1880-1954)


        Happy End, The

        Java Head

        Linda Condon

        Three Black Pennys, The   A Novel

Herodotus  (484-425BC)   希罗多德

        Account of Egypt, An

        History of Herodotus, The     《历史》

Heron-Maxwell, Beatrice  (1856-1927)

        Devil Stone, The

Herrick, Robert  (1591-1674)

        Selection From The Lyrical Poems Of Robert Herrick, A

Herrick, Robert Welch  (1868-1938)

        Literary Love-Letters and Other Stories

        One Woman's Life


        Web of Life, The

        World Decision, The

Hertzka, Theodor   (1845-1924)

        Freeland--A Social Anticipation  

Hesiod   (active between 750 and 650 BC)

        Hesiod, The Homeric Hymns, and Homerica

Hesse, Hermann   (1877-1962)


Hewlett, Maurice  (1861-1923)

        Earthwork Out Of Tuscany

        Fool Errant, The

        Forest Lovers, The

        Gudrid the Fair   A Tale of the Discovery of America

        Helen Redeemed and Other Poems

        In a Green Shade   A Country Commentary

        Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay, The

        Lore of Proserpine

        Rest Harrow   A Comedy of Resolution

        Ruinous Face, The

        Village Wife's Lament, The

Heyse, Paul  (1830-1914)

        Little Lisbeth

Hichens, Robert Smythe  (1864-1950)

        Bella Donna   A Novel

        Call of the Blood, The

        Collaborators, The

        December Love

        Desert Air

        Desert Drum, The

        Dweller on the Threshold, The

        Figure In The Mirage, The

        "Fin Tireur"


        Folly Of Eustace, The

        Garden Of Allah, The

        Green Carnation, The

        Halima And The Scorpions

        In the Wilderness

        Mission Of Mr. Eustace Greyne, The

        Princess And The Jewel Doctor, The

        Prophet of Berkeley Square, The

        Return Of The Soul, The

        Smain; and Safti's Summer Day

        Spell of Egypt, The

        Spinster, The

        Spirit in Prison, A

        Tongues of Conscience

        Way of Ambition, The

        Woman With The Fan, The

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth  (1823-1911)

        Army Life in a Black Regiment      《黑人团的军旅生活》

        Black Rebellion   Five Slave Revolts

        Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

        Malbone: An Oldport Romance      《马尔博》

        Oldport Days

        Sympathy of Religions, The

        Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic

        Women and the Alphabet

Hill, Grace Livingston  (1865-1947)

        City of Fire, The

        Girl from Montana, The

        Lo, Michael!

        Man of the Desert, The

        Mystery of Mary, The

        Search, The

        Voice in the Wilderness, A

        War Romance of the Salvation Army, The

Hillis, Newell Dwight  (1858-1929)

        Battle of Principles, The

        Blot on the Kaiser's 'Scutcheon, The

        Investment of Influence, The   A Study of Social Sympathy and Service

Hilton, James  (1900-1954)

        Good-bye, Mr. Chips

        Lost Horizon

        Morning Journey

        Random Harvest

        So Well Remembered

        Time and Time Again

        Was It Murder?

Hinkle, Thomas Clark  (1876-1949)

        Doctor Rabbit and Brushtail the Fox

        How to Eat   A Cure for "Nerves"

Hippocrates ( 460-376BC )   希波克拉底

        Aphorisms   《格言》

        Book of Prognostics, The   《预后学》

        Instruments of Reduction

        Law, The

        Oath, The   《誓言》

        Of the Epidemics   《流行病学》

        On Airs, Waters and Places

        On Ancient Medicine

        On Fistulae

        On Fractures

        On Hemorrhoids

        On Injuries of the Head

        On Regimen in Acute Diseases

        On the Articulations

        On the Sacred Disease   《圣病》

        On the Surgery   《论外科手术》

        On Ulcers

Hobbes, Thomas  (1588-1679)   托马斯·霍布斯

        De Cive  (Philosophicall Elements of a True Citizen)

                Liberty        Dominion        Religion

        Elements of Law Natural and Politic, The

        Leviathan   《利维坦》

Hobson, J. A.   (1858-1940)

       Work and Wealth: A Human Valuation

Hocking, Joseph  (1860-1937)

        All for a Scrap of Paper   A Romance of the Present War

        Day of Judgment, The

        "The Pomp of Yesterday"

        Roger Trewinion


        Weapons of Mystery

Hodgson, William Hope (1877-1918)

        Boats of the "Glen Carrig", The

        Carnacki, Supernatural Detective and Others

        Carnacki, The Ghost Finder

        Ghost Pirates, The

        House on the Borderland, The

        Night Land, The

Hoffman, Ernst Theodor Amadeus  (1776-1822)

        Golden Flower Pot, The

        Mlle de Scuderi

Hoffman, Heinrich   (1809-1894)


Hogg, James  (1770-1835)

        Collected Stories

        Private Memoirs and Confessions of A Justified Sinner, The

Holbach, Paul Henri Thiry, baron d'  (1723-1789)

        Good Sense

        System of Nature, The      Volume01      Volume02

Holberg, Baron Ludvig   (1684-1754)

        Niels Klim's Journey Under the Ground

Holcroft, Thomas  (1745-1809)

        Adventures of Hugh Trevor, The

        Anna St. Ives   An Novel

Holland, Josiah Gilbert  (1819-1881)


        Mistress of the Manse, The

        Sevenoaks   A Story of Today

Holley, Marietta  (1836-1926)


        Samantha Among the Brethren

        Samantha at Saratoga

        Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition

        Samantha at the World's Fair

        Samantha on the Woman Question

        Sweet Cicely   or Josiah Allen as a Politician

Holmes Jr., Oliver Wendell  (1841-1935)

        Common Law, The

        Path of the Law, The

Holmes, Mary Jane  (1825-1907)


        Bad Hugh

        Bessie's Fortune   A Novel

        Cromptons, The

        Darkness and Daylight

        Dora Deane   or The East India Uncle

        English Orphans, The

        Ethelyn's Mistake

        Family Pride   or, Purified by Suffering

        Homestead on the Hillside

        'Lena Rivers

        Maggie Miller

        Miss McDonald

        Rector of St. Mark's, The

        Rosamond   or, The Youthful Error

        Tempest and Sunshine

        Tracy Park

Holmes, Oliver Wendell  (1809-1894)   奥利弗·温德尔·霍姆斯

        Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, The   《早餐桌上的独裁者》

        Elsie Venner    《埃尔西·维纳》

        Grandmother's Story of Bunker Hill Battle

        Guardian Angel, The    《守护神》

        Medical Essays

        Memoir of John Lothrop Motley

        Mortal Antipathy, A    《致命的反感》

        Our Hundred Days in Europe

        Over the Teacups

        Passages from an Old Volume of Life

        Poet at the Breakfast Table, The

        Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, The

        Professor at the Breakfast Table, The

        Ralph Waldo Emerson

Holmes, Thomas  (1846-1918)

        London's Underworld

Holt, Emily Sarah  (1836-1893)

        All's Well   Alice's Victory

        Clare Avery   A Story of the Spanish Armada

        Earl Hubert's Daughter

        For the Master's Sake   A Story of the Days of Queen Mary

        Forgotten Hero, A   Not for Him

        Gold that Glitters, The   The Mistakes of Jenny Lavender

        It Might Have Been   The Story of the Gunpowder Plot

        Joyce Morrell's Harvest   The Annals of Selwick Hall

        King's Daughters, The

        Maidens' Lodge, The

        Mistress Margery

        Our Little Lady   Six Hundred Years Ago

        Out in the Forty-Five   Duncan Keith's Vow

        Well in the Desert, The   An Old Legend of the House of Arundel

        White Lady of Hazelwood, The   A Tale of the Fourteenth Century

        White Rose of Langley, The   A Story of the Olden Time

Homer   荷马

        The Iliad   《伊利亚特》

        The Odyssey   《奥德修记》

Hood, Tom  (1835-1874)

        Shadow of a Shade, The

Hooker, Joseph Dalton  (1817-1911)

        Himalayan Journals   or Notes of a Naturalist

Hope, Anthony  (1863-1933)   安东尼·霍普

        Comedies of Courtship

        Dolly Dialogues

        Father Stafford

        Frivolous Cupid   《轻浮的爱神》

        Half a Hero   A Novel

        Indiscretion of the Duchess, The

        King's Mirror, The

        Man of Mark, A

        Prisoner of Zenda, The   《詹达堡的囚徒》


        Rupert of Hentzau   The Sequel to The Prisoner of Zenda

        Secret of the Tower, The

        Simon Dale

        Tristram of Blent   An Episode in the Story of an Ancient House

Hope, Laura Lee

        Bobbsey Twins in the Country, The

        Moving Picture Girls, The

Hopkins, Gerard Manley  (1844-c.1889)

        Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Hornaday, William Temple  (1854-1937)

        Extermination of the American Bison, The

        Minds and Manners of Wild Animals, The

        Our Vanishing Wild Life   Its Extermination and Preservation

Hornblow, Arthur   (1865-1942)

        Bought and Paid For   From the Play of George Broadhurst

        Easiest Way, The   A Story of Metropolitan Life

        Mask, The   A Story of Love and Adventure

Hornung, Ernest William  (1866-1921)

        Amateur Cracksman, The

        At the Pistol's Point

        Dead Men Tell No Tales

        Mr. Justice Raffles

        No Hero

        Raffles, Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman

        Shadow of the Rope, The

        Thief in the Night, A: A Book of Raffles' Adventures

Houdini, Harry  (1874-1926)

        Miracle Mongers, The

Hough, Emerson  (1857-1923)

        54-40 or Fight

        Covered Wagon, The

        Girl at the Halfway House, The

        Heart's Desire

        Lady and the Pirate, The

        Law of the Land, The

        Man Next Door, The

        Maw's Vacation   The Story of a Human Being in the Yellowstone

        Mississippi Bubble, The

        Passing of the Frontier, The   A Chronicle of the Old West

        Purchase Price, The

        Sagebrusher, The   A Story of the West

        Singing Mouse Stories, The

        Story of the Outlaw, The   A Study of the Western Desperado

        Way of a Man, The

        Young Alaskans, The

Hough, Lewis   (1830-1900)

        Dr. Jolliffes's Boys  

        For Fortune and Glory   A Story of the Soudan War

Houghton, Eliza Poor Donner   (1843-1922)

        Expedition of the Donner Party and its Tragic Fate, The

Housman, A. E.   (1859-1936)

        Shropshire Lad, A

Housman, Laurence  (1865-1959)

        Angels & Ministers

        Blue Moon, The

        Field of Clover, The

        King John of Jingalo   The Story of a Monarch in Difficulties

Howard, Robert Ervin  (1906-1936)

        Alleys of Darkness

        Alleys of Peril


        Apache Mountain War, The

        Apparition In the Prize Ring

        Beyond the Black River

        Black Canaan

        Black Colossus

        Black Stone, The

        Black Talons

        Black Vulmea's Vengeance

        Black Wind Blowing

        Blood of Belshazzar, The

        Blood of The Gods

        Blow the Chinks Down!

        Boot-Hill Payoff

        Breed of Battle

        Bull Dog Breed, The

        Cairn on the Headland, The

        Champ of the Forecastle

        Children of the Night, The

        Circus Fists

        Conquerin' Hero of the Humbolts, The

        Country of The Knife, The

        Cupid From Bear Creek

        Dark Man, The

        Dark Shanghai

        Daughter of Erlik Khan, The

        Devil in Iron, The

        Dream Snake, The

        Evil Deeds at Red Cougar

        Fangs of Gold

        Fearsome Touch of Death, The

        Feud Buster, The

        Fire of Asshurbanipal, The

        Fist and Fang

        Footfalls Within, The

        Gates of Empire

        General Ironfist

        Gent From Bear Creek, A

        Gods of Bal-Sagoth, The

        Gods of the North

        Graveyard Rats

        Guns of the Mountains

        Haunted Mountain, The

        Haunter of the Ring, The

        Hawk of the Hills

        Hawks of Outremer

        High Horse Rampage

        Hills of the Dead

        Horror From The Mound, The

        Hour of the Dragon, The

        House of Arabu, The

        Hyborian Age, The

        Hyena, The

        In the Forest of Villefere

        Iron Man, The

        Jewels of Gwahlur

        Kings of the Night

        Lion of Tiberias, The

        Lord of Samarcand

        Lost Race, The

        Moon of Skulls, The

        Moon of Zambebwei

        Mountain Man

        Names in the Black Book

        Night of Battle

        No Cowherders Wanted

        People Of The Black Circle

        People of the Dark

        Phoenix on the Sword, The

        Pigeons from Hell

        Pilgrims To the Pecos

        Pistol Politics

        Pit of the Serpent, The

        Pool Of The Black One, The

        Purple Heart of Erlik, The

        Queen Of The Black Coast

        Rattle of Bones

        Red Nails

        Riot at Cougar Paw, The

        Road to Bear Creek, The

        Rogues in the House

        Sailors' Grudge

        Scalp Hunter, The

        Scarlet Citadel, The

        Sea Curse

        Shadow Kingdom, The

        Shadow of the Vulture, The

        Shadows In The Moonlight

        Shadows in Zamboula

        Sharp's Gun Serenade

        Sign of the Snake, The


        Skulls in the Stars

        Slithering Shadow, The

        Sluggers on the Beach

        Slugger's Game, The

        Son of the White Wolf

        Sowers of the Thunder, The

        Spear and Fang

        Texas Fists

        Texas John Alden

        Thing On the Roof, The

        TNT Punch, The

        Tomb's Secret, The

        Tower of the Elephant, The

        Treasures of Tartary, The

        Valley of the Worm, The

        Vikings of the Gloves

        Voice of El-Lil, The

        Vultures of Whapeton, The

        War On Bear Creek

        Waterfront Fists

        While Smoke Rolled

        Wings in the Night

        Winner Take All

        Witch Shall Be Born, A


        Worms Of the Earth

Howells, William Dean  (1837-1920)   威廉·迪恩·豪威尔斯

        Albany Depot, The   A Farce

        American Literary Centers

        Annie Kilburn   A Novel     《安妮·基尔博恩》

        April Hopes

        Belated Guest, A

        Between The Dark And The Daylight

        Boy Life   Stories and Readings

        Buying a Horse

        Cambridge Neighbors

        Chance Acquaintance, A    《偶然结识》

        Christmas Every Day and Other Stories

        Coast of Bohemia, The

        Confessions of a Summer Colonist, The

        Criticism and Fiction     《批评和小说》

        Dr. Breen's Practice

        Editor's Relations with the Young Contributor, The

        Elevator, The

        Emile Zola

        Familiar Spanish Travels

        Fearful Responsibility and Other Stories, A

        Fennel and Rue

        First Visit to New England

        Flight of Pony Baker, The   A Boy's Town Story

        Foregone Conclusion, A    《必然的结局》

        Garotters, The

        Hazard of New Fortunes, A    《新财富的危机》

        Henry James, Jr.

        Indian Summer

        Italian Journeys

        Kentons, The

        Lady of the Aroostook, The    《阿茹斯图克夫人号》

        Landlord At Lions Head, The

        Last Days in a Dutch Hotel

        Leatherwood God, The

        Literary Boston As I Knew It

        Literary Friends And Acquaintances

        Literature and Life

        Little Swiss Sojourn, A

        London Films

        Man of Letters as a Man of Business, The   《作为商人的文人》

        March Family Trilogy, The

        Minister's Charge, The

        Modern Instance, A    《一个现代的例证》

        Modern Italian Poets

        My Literary Passions

        My Mark Twain

        Oliver Wendell Holmes

        Open-Eyed Conspiracy, An--An Idyl of Saratoga

        Pair of Patient Lovers, A

        Parlor-Car, The

        Psychological Counter-Current in Recent Fiction, A

        Quality of Mercy, The    《仁慈的品质》

        Questionable Shapes

        Ragged Lady

        Register, The

        Rise of Silas Lapham, The   《塞拉斯·拉帕姆的发迹》

        Roman Holidays and Others

        Roundabout to Boston

        Seven English Cities

        Short Stories and Essays

        Sleeping-Car, The   A Farce

        Some Anomalies of the Short Story

        Spanish Prisoners of War

        Staccato Notes of a Vanished Summer

        Standard Household-Effect Company, The

        Stories Of Ohio

        Story of a Play, The   A Novel

        Studies of Lowell

        Suburban Sketches

        Their Silver Wedding Journey    《银婚之旅》

        Their Wedding Journey     《蜜月旅行》

        Though One Rose From the Dead

        Through the Eye of the Needle   A Romance

        Traveler from Altruria, A   Romance

        Venetian Life      《威尼斯生活》

        White Mr. Longfellow, The

Hubbard, Elbert  (1856-1915)

        John Jacob Astor

        Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great (14 volumes)

                Volume01      Volume02      Volume03      Volume04      Volume05

                Volume06      Volume07      Volume08      Volume09      Volume10

                Volume11      Volume12      Volume13      Volume14

        Love, Life & Work

        Message to Garcia, A   Being a Preachment

        Mintage, The

Hudson, Stephen  (1868-1944)

        True Story, A

Hudson, William Henry  (1841-1922)   W·H·哈得逊

        Afoot in England

        Birds in Town and Village

        Crystal Age, A

        Dead Man's Plack and an Old Thorn

        Fan   the story of a young girl's life

        Far Away and Long Ago

        Green Mansions    A Romance of the Tropical Forest  《绿色公寓》

        Hampshire Days

        Hind in Richmond Park, A

        Idle Days in Patagonia

        Little Boy Lost, A

        Naturalist in La Plata, The

        Nature in Downland

        Purple Land, The

        Shepherd's Life, A

        Traveller in Little Things, A

Hughes, Rupert  (1872-1956)

        Colonel Crockett's Co-operative Christmas

        Contemporary American Composers

        Dozen from Lakerim, The

        Love Affairs of Great Musicians, The      Volume01      Volume02

        Mrs. Budlong's Chrismas Presents

        We Can't Have Everything

Hughes, Thomas  (1822-1896)

        Tom Brown's School Days

Hugo, Victor  (1802-1885)   维克多·雨果

        History of a Crime, The   The Testimony of an Eye-Witness

        Hunchback of Notre Dame, The   or, Notre-Dame de Paris

        Les Miserables   《悲惨世界》 

        Man Who Laughs, The   A Romance of English History

        Memoirs of Victor Hugo, The

        Napoleon the Little


Hulbert, Archer Butler  (1873-1933)

        Paths of Inland Commerce, The

Hull, Edith Maude  (1880-1947)

        Shadow of the East, The

        Sheik, The   A Novel

Hume, David  (1711-1776)   大卫·休谟

        Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion   《自然宗教对话录》

        Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, An

        Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals, An


        Essays on Suicide and Immortality

        Natural History of Religion, The

        Of Commerce

        Of Interest

        Of Money

        Of Taxes

        Of the Origin of Government

        Of  the Refinement in the Arts

        Of the Balance of Trade

        On the First Principles of Government

        Of the Jealousy of Trade

        On Public Credit

        Treatise of Human Nature, A   《人性论》

Hume, Fergus (1859-1932)

        Bishop's Secret, The

        Coin of Edward VII, A   A Detective Story

        Crowned Skull, The

        Green Mummy, The

        Hagar of the Pawn-Shop

        Madame Midas

        Mystery of a Hansom Cab, The

        Mystery Queen, The

        Opal Serpent, The

        Red Money

        Secret Passage, The

        Silent House, The

Huneker, James  (1860-1921)

        Chopin: The Man and His Music

        Old Fogy   His Musical Opinions and Grotesques

        Promenades of an Impressionist      《一个印象主义者的漫游》


Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe Hamilton  (1855-1897)

        Haunted Chamber, The   A Novel

        Hoyden, The

        Little Rebel, A   A Novel

Hunt, Henry  (1773-1835)

        Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq.       Volume01      Volume02      Volume03

Hunt, Violet  (1866-1942)

        Prayer, The

Huntington, Ellsworth  (1876-1947)

        Red Man's Continent, The    A Chronicle of Aboriginal America

Hurlbert, William Henry  (1827-1895)

        France and the Republic

        Ireland Under Coercion        Volume One      Volume Two

Hutcheson, John Conroy   (1840-1897)

        Afloat at Last   A Sailor Boy's Log of his Life at Sea

        Bob Strong's Holidays   Adrift in the Channel

        Crown and Anchor   Under the Pen'ant

        Fritz and Eric   The Brother Crusoes

        Ghost Ship, The   A Mystery of the Sea

        Island Treasure, The

        On Board the Esmeralda   Martin Leigh's Log - A Sea Story

        Penang Pirate, The   and, The Lost Pinnace

        Picked up at Sea   The Gold Miners of Minturne Creek

        She and I        Volume One        Volume Two

        Teddy   The Story of a Little Pickle

        Tom Finch's Monkey   and How he Dined with the Admiral

        White Squall, The   A Story of the Sargasso Sea

        Wreck of the Nancy Bell, The   Cast Away on Kerguelen Land

        Young Tom Bowling   The Boys of the British Navy

Huxley, Aldous  (1894-1963)

        Crome Yellow      《克鲁姆庄园》

        Defeat of Youth and Other Peoms, The

Huxley, Leonard  (1860-1933)

        Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley, The (3 volumes) 

                Volume01        Volume02        Volume03

        Thomas Henry Huxley   A Character Sketch

Huxley, Thomas Henry  (1825-1895)

        Advance of Science in the Last Half-Century, The

        American Addresses, with a Lecture on the Study of Biology

        Autobiography and Selected Essays

        Circulation of the Blood, The

        Collected Essays        Volume05

        Conditions of Existence, The

        Coral and Coral Reefs

        Critical Examination of "On The Origin of Species", A

        Criticisms on "The Origin of Species"

        Critiques and Addresses

        Darwiniana: Essays

        Darwinian Hypothesis, The

        Discourses   Biological and Geological Essays

        Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature

        Evolution and Ethics and Other Essays

        Geological Contemporaneity and Persistent Types of Life

        Hume   (English Men of Letters Series)

        Lay Sermons, Addresses and Reviews

        Lectures and Essays

        On Some Fossil Remains of Man

        On the Advisableness of Improving Natural Knowledge

        On the Relations of Man to the Lower Animals

        On the Study of Zoology

        Origin of Species, The

        Origination of Living Beings, The

        Past Condition of Organic Nature, The

        Perpetuation of Living Beings, The

        Present Condition of Organic Nature, The

        Science & Education

        Time and Life

        Science and Hebrew Tradition

                On the Method of Zadig

                The Rise and Progress of Palaeontology

                Lectures on Evolution

                The Interpreters of Genesis and the Interpreters of Nature

                Mr. Gladstone and Genesis

                The Lights of the Church and the Light of Science

                Hasisadra's Adventure

                The Evolution of Theology


Huysmans, Joris-Karl  (1848-1907)

        Against The Grain

        Cathedral, The

        En Route



Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe  (1865-1944)   C · J · 卡特克利夫 · 海因

        Adventures of Captain Kettle

        Escape Agents, The

        Lost Continent, The   《失去的大陆》

        Master of Fortune, A

        Tragedy of a Third Smoker, The








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