Fabre, Jean-Henri   (1823-1915)

        Bramble-bees and Others

        Life of the Fly, The

        Life of the Spider, The

        Mason-bees, The

        More Hunting Wasps

        Social Life in the Insect World

Fairbanks, Harold W.   (1860-1952)

        Western United States, The

Fairless, Michael  (1869-1901)

        Gathering of Brother Hilarius, The

        Grey Brethren and Other Fragments in Prose and Verse, The

        Roadmender, The

Falkner, John Meade  (1858-1932)

        Lost Stradivarius, The


        Nebuly Coat, The

Farmer, Philip Jose

        Green Odyssey, The

Farnol, Jeffery  (1878-1952)

        Amateur Gentleman, The

        Beltane The Smith

        Black Bartlemy's Treasure

        Broad Highway, The

        Definite Object, The   A Romance of New York

        Geste of Duke Jocelyn, The

        Honourable Mr. Tawnish, The

        Martin Conisby's Vengeance

        My Lady Caprice

        Peregrine's Progress

Farrand, Max  (1869-1945)

        Fathers of the Constitution, The

Farrar, Frederic William  (1831-1903)

        Eric   or, Little by Little

        Julian Home

        Seekers after God

        St. Winifred's   The World of School

Farrow, George Edward  (c.1866-c.1920)

        Dick, Marjorie and Fidge   A Search for the Wonderful Dodo

        Jungle Baby, The

        Mysterious Shin Shira, The

Favenc, Ernest  (1845-1908)

        Explorers of Australia and their Life-work, The

        History of Australian Exploration from 1788 to 1888, The

Fenn, George Manville (1831-1909)

        Adventures of Don Lavington, The   Nolens Volens

        Bag of Diamonds, The

        Begumbagh   A Tale of the Indian Mutiny

        Black Bar, The

        Black Tor, The   A Tale of the Reign of James the First

        Blue Jackets   The Log of the Teaser

        Brave and True   Short Stories for Children by G. M. Fenn and Others

        Brownsmith's Boy   A Romance in a Garden

        Bunyip Land   A Story of Adventure in New Guinea

        Burr Junior

        Charge!   A Story of Briton and Boer

        Cormorant Crag   A Tale of the Smuggling Days

        Crown and Sceptre   A West Country Story

        Crystal Hunters, The   A Boy's Adventures in the Higher Alps

        Cutlass and Cudgel

        Dark House, The   A Knot Unravelled

        Dash from Diamond City, A

        Dead Man's Land   Being the Voyage to Zimbambangwe of certain and uncertain

        Devon Boys   A Tale of the North Shore

        Diamond Dyke   The Lone Farm on the Veldt - Story of South African Adventure

        Dick o' the Fens   A Tale of the Great East Swamp

        Dingo Boys, The   The Squatters of Wallaby Range

        Featherland   How the Birds lived at Greenlawn

        Fire Island   Being the Adventures of Uncertain Naturalists in an Unknown Track

        First in the Field   A Story of New South Wales

        Fitz the Filibuster

        Fix Bay'nets

        Gil the Gunner   The Youngest Officer in the East

        Glyn Severn's Schooldays

        Golden Magnet, The

        Hollowdell Grange   Holiday Hours in a Country Home

        Hunting the Skipper

        In Honour's Cause   A Tale of the Days of George the First

        In the King's Name   The Cruise of the "Kestrel"

        In the Mahdi's Grasp

        Jack at Sea   All Work and no Play made him a Dull Boy

        King o' the Beach   A Tropic Tale

        King's Esquires, The   The Jewel of France

        King's Sons, The

        Kopje Garrison, The

        Life's Eclipse, A

        Little Skipper, The   A Son of a Sailor

        Lost Middy, The   Being the Secret of the Smugglers' Gap

        Marcus: the Young Centurion

        Mass' George   A Boy's Adventures in the Old Savannah


        Middy and Ensign

        Mother Carey's Chicken   Her Voyage to the Unknown Isle

        Nat the Naturalist   A Boy's Adventures in the Eastern Seas

        New Forest Spy, The

        Nic Revel   A White Slave's Adventures in Alligator Land

        Ocean Cat's Paw, The   The Story of a Strange Cruise

        Off to the Wilds   Being the Adventures of Two Brothers

        Old Gold   The Cruise of the "Jason" Brig

        Our Soldier Boy

        Patience Wins   War in the Works

        Peril Finders, The

        Powder Monkey, The

        Queen's Scarlet, The   The Adventures and Misadventures of Sir Richard Frayne

        Quicksilver   The Boy With No Skid To His Wheel

        Rajah of Dah, The

        Rob Harlow's Adventures   A Story of the Grand Chaco

        Sail Ho!   A Boy at Sea

        Sappers and Miners   The Flood beneath the Sea

        Silver Canyon, The   A Tale of the Western Plains

        Son Philip

        Steve Young

        Syd Belton   The Boy who would not go to Sea

        !Tention   A Story of Boy-Life during the Peninsular War

        Terrible Coward, A

        Three Boys   or the Chiefs of the Clan Mackhai

        Through Forest and Stream   The Quest of the Quetzal

        To The West

        To Win or to Die   A Tale of the Klondike Gold Craze

        Trapped by Malays   A Tale of Bayonet and Kris

        Weathercock, The      Being the Adventures of a Boy with a Bias

        Will of the Mill

        Witness to the Deed

        Young Castellan, The   A Tale of the English Civil War

        Young Hero, A

        Young Robin Hood

        Yussuf the Guide   The Mountain Bandits; Strange Adventure in Asia Minor

Ferdowsi (ca.935-1020)

        Epic of Kings, The

Ferguson, Adam  (1723-1816)   亚当·弗格森

        Essay On The History OF Civil Society, An   《市民社会史》

Ferri, Enrico  (1856-1929)   埃里柯·费里

        Criminal Sociology   《犯罪社会学》

Feuvre, Amy le

        Probable Sons

Field, Edward Salisbury  (1878-1936)

        Cupid's Understudy

Field, Eugene  (1850-1895)   尤金·菲尔德

        Christmas Tales and Christmas Verse

        Echoes from the Sabine Farm

        Holy Cross and Other Tales, The

        House, The

        John Smith, U.S.A.

        Little Book of Profitable Tales, A

        Little Book of Western Verse, A

        Love Affairs of A Bibliomaniac, The   《书痴的罗曼史》

        Love-Songs of Childhood

        Second Book of Tales

        Songs and Other Verse

Field, Rachel   (1894-1942)

        And Now Tomorrow

Field, Roswell   (1851-1919)

        Romance of an Old Fool, The

Fielding, Henry  (1707-1754)   亨利·菲尔丁


        From This World to the Next   《赴冥界 》

        History of Tom Jones, A Foundling, The   《汤姆·琼斯》

        Joseph Andrews        Volume 01        Volume 02

        Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon   《里斯本航海日记》

Fielding, Sarah  (1710-1768)

        Governess, The    or, Little Female Academy

Filson, John  (ca.1747-1788)

        Life and  Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone

Finley, Martha  (1828-1909)

        Christmas with Grandma Elsie

        Elsie at Home

        Elsie at Nantucket

        Elsie at the World's Fair

        Elsie Dinsmore

        Elsie's Children

        Elsie's Girlhood

        Elsie's Kith and Kin

        Elsie's Motherhood

        Elsie's New Relations

        Elsie's Vacation and After Events

        Elsie's Womanhood

        Grandmother Elsie

        Holidays at Roselands

        Two Elsies, The

Fish, Carl Russell  (1876-1932)

        Path Of Empire, The

Fisher, Dorothy Canfield  (1879-1958)

        Bent Twig, The

        Brimming Cup, The

        Hillsboro People

        Squirrel-Cage, The

        Understood Betsy

Fisher, Sydney George  (1856-1927)

        Quaker Colonies, The

Fiske, John  (1842-1901)   约翰·费斯克  

        American Political Ideas Viewed From The Standpoint Of Universal History

        Beginnings of New England, The

        Civil Government in the United States

        Destiny of Man, The   Viewed in the Light of His Origin

        Meaning of Infancy, The

        Myth and Myth-Makers   《神话和神话创作者》

        Unseen World and Other Essays, The   《神秘的世界及其它论文》

        War of Independence, The

Fitzgerald , F. Scott (1896-1940)   F·司各特·费兹杰拉德

        Beautiful and Damned, The  《漂亮冤家》  (《美丽与毁灭》)

        Complete Pat Hobby Stories, The   《帕特·霍比系列小说》

        Flappers and Philosophers   《新潮女郎与哲学家》

        Great Gatsby, The   《了不起的盖茨比》

        Tales of the Jazz Age  《爵士乐时代的故事》

        Tender is the Night     《夜色温柔》

        This Side of Paradise   《人间天堂》

Fitzgerald, Percy Hethrington  (1834-1925)

        Day's Tour, A

        John Forster   A Man of Letters of the Old School

        Pickwickian Manners and Customs

        Pickwickian Studies

Fitzhugh, Percy Keese  (1876-1950)

        Pee-Wee Harris

        Pee-Wee Harris Adrift

        Pee-Wee Harris on the Trail

        Roy Blakeley

        Roy Blakeley's Adventures in Camp

        Roy Blakeley's Bee-line Hike

        Roy Blakely, Pathfinder

        Tom Slade at Black Lake

        Tom Slade at Temple Camp

        Tom Slade Motorcycle Dispatch Bearer

        Tom Slade on a Transport

        Tom Slade on Mystery Trail

        Tom Slade with the Boys Over There

        Tom Slade with the Colors

        Tom Slade's Double Dare

Flaubert, Gustave  (1821-1880)   居斯塔夫·福楼拜

        Herodias   《希罗底》 

        Madame Bovary   《包法利夫人》 

        Salammbo   《萨朗波》

        Simple Soul, A   《一颗纯朴的心》

        Three Short Works

Flecker, James Elroy  (1884-1915)

        Forty-Two Poems

Fleming, Mary Agnes (1840-1880)

        Baronet's Bride, The

        Kate Danton    or, Captain Danton's Daughters

        Midnight Queen, The

        Terrible Secret, A

        Unseen Bridgegroom, The   or, Wedded For a Week

Fleming, Walter Lynwood  (1874-1932)

        Sequel of Appomattox, The    A Chronicle of the Reunion of the States

Fletcher, Joseph Smith  (1863-1935)

        Borough Treasurer, The

        Chestermarke Instinct, The

        Dead Men's Money

        Herapath Property, The

        In the Mayor's Parlour

        Ivory God, The

        Lighthouse on Shivering Sand, The

        Middle of Things, The

        Middle Temple Murder, The

        New Sun, The

        Orange-Yellow Diamond, The

        Other Sense, The

        Paradise Mystery, The

        Perris of the Cherry-trees

        Rayner-Slade Amalgamation, The

        Safety Pin, The

        Scarhaven Keep

        Talleyrand Maxim, The

Flint, Homer Eon  (1892-1924)

        Blind Spot, The

        Devolutionist and The Emancipatrix, The

        Lord of Death and the Queen of Life, The

Flipper, Henry Ossian  (1856-1940)

        Henry Ossian Flipper    The Colored Cadet at West Point (Autobiography)

Follen, Eliza Lee Cabot  (1787-1860)


        Hymns, Songs, and Fables, for Young People

        Little Songs

        Pedler of Dust Sticks, The


        Talkative Wig, The

        Travellers' Stories

        True Stories About Dogs and Cats

        Two Festivals

        What The Animals Do and Say

        Who Spoke Next

Fontenay, Charles L.

        Rebels of the Red Planet

Foote, Mary Hallock  (1847-1938)

        Desert and The Sown, The

        Exile and Other Stories, The

        Touch Of Sun And Other Stories, A

Footner, Hulbert  (1879-1944)

        Death of a Celebrity

        Easy to Kill

        Fur Bringers, The   A Story of the Canadian Northwest

        Sinfully Rich

        Two on the Trail   A Story of the Far Northwest

        Woman from Outside   [on Swan River]

Ford, Ford Madox (1873-1939)

        Good Soldier, The

        Man Could Stand Up, A

        No More Parades

        Some Do Not...

Ford, Henry Jones  (1851-1925)

        Cleveland Era, The   A Chronicle of the New Order in Politics

        Washington and His Colleagues

Ford, Paul Leicester  (1865-1902)

        Great K. & A. Robbery, The

        Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him, The

        Janice Meredith

        True George Washington, The

        Wanted--A Match Maker

Ford, Sewell  (1868-1946)

        Horses Nine   Stories of Harness and Saddle

        House of Torchy, The

        On With Torchy

        Shorty McCabe

        Shorty McCabe on the Job


        Torchy and Vee

        Torchy As A Pa

        Torchy, Private Sec.

        Wilt Thou Torchy

Forster, Edward Morgan  (1879-1970)

        Howards End

        Longest Journey, The

        Room With A View, A

        Where Angels Fear to Tread

Fort, Charles Hoy   (1874-1932)

        Book of the Damned

Fortune, Mary   (c.1833-c.1910)

        My Lodger

        Traces of Crime

        White Maniac, The    A Doctor's Tale

Fox, John  (1863-1919)

        Christmas Eve on Lonesome and Other Stories

        Crittenden   A Kentucky Story of Love and War

        Cumberland Vendetta, A

        Heart Of The Hills, The

        Hell-Fer-Sartain and Other Stories

        In Happy Valley

        Knight of the Cumberland, A

        Last Stetson, The

        Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, The

        Mountain Europa, A

France, Anatole  (1844-1924)

        Aspirations of Jean Servien, The


        Child Life In Town And Country

        Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard, The

        Gods are Athirst, The


        Life of Joan of Arc, The


        Merrie Tales Of Jacques Tournebroche, The

        Miracle Of The Great St. Nicolas, The

        Mummer's Tale, A

        Penguin Island   《企鹅岛》


        Queen Pedauque, The

        Red Lily, The

        Seven Wives Of Bluebeard, The

        Story Of The Duchess Of Cicogne And Of Monsieur De Boulingrin, The

        Thais   《泰依丝》

        Well of Saint Clare, The

Franklin, Benjamin  (1706-1790)   本杰明·富兰克林

        Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin   《自传》

Franklin, Fabian   (1853-1939)

        What Prohibition Has Done to America

Franklin, Sir John  (1786-1847)

        Journey to the Polar Sea, The

        Some Passages in the History of Van Diemen's Land

Franklin, Miles  (1879-1954)

        My Brilliant Career

        Some Everyday Folk and Dawn

Fraser, William Alexander  (1859-1933)


        Outcasts, The


Frederic, Harold  (1856-1898)   哈罗德·弗里德里克

        Damnation of Theron Ware, The   《西伦·韦尔的堕落》

        In the Valley

        Market-Place, The   《集市》

Freeman, Edward Augustus  (1823-1892)

        Sketches of Travel in Normandy and Maine

        William the Conqueror

Freeman, Mary Eleanor Wilkins  (1852-1930)

        Adventures of Ann, The   Stories of Colonial Times

        Alabaster Box, An

        Butterfly House, The

        By the Light of the Soul   A Novel

        Comfort Pease and her Gold Ring

        Copy-Cat and Other Stories

        Debtor, The   A Novel

        'Doc.' Gordon

        Evelina's Garden

        Gentle Ghost and Other Stories, A

        Giles Corey, Yeoman   A Play

        Green Door, The

        Heart's Highway   A Romance of Virginia in the Seventeeth Century

        Jamesons, The

        Jane Field   A Novel

        Jerome, A Poor Man   A Novel

        Madelon   A Novel

        Pembroke   A Novel

        Portion of Labor, The

        Pot of Gold And Other Stories, The

        Shoulders of Atlas, The   A Novel

        Wind in the Rose-bush and Other Stories of the Supernatural, The

        Yates Pride, The

        Young Lucretia and Other Stories

Freeman, R. Austin  (1862-1943)

        As a Thief in the Night

        Cat's Eye, The

        Certain Dr Thorndyke, A

        D'Arblay Mystery, The

        Dr. Thorndyke Short Story Omnibus

        Eye of Osiris, The

        Felo de Se?

        For The Defence, Dr. Thorndyke

        Great Portrait Mystery and Other Stories, The

        Helen Vardon's Confession

        Jacob Street Mystery, The

        John Thorndyke's Cases

        Mr Polton Explains

        Mr. Pottermack's Oversight

        Mystery of 31 New Inn, The

        Penrose Mystery, The

        Pontifex, Son And Thorndyke

        Red Thumb Mark, The

        Shadow of the Wolf, The

        Silent Witness, A

        Stoneware Monkey, The

        Uttermost Farthing, The

        Vanishing Man, The

        When Rogues Fall Out

Freud, Sigmund  (1865-1939)   西格蒙德·弗洛伊德

        Dream Psychology

        History of the Psychoanalytic Movement, The

Fries, Adelaide L.  (1871-1949)

        Moravians in Georgia, 1735-1740, The

Frisbie, Robert Dean   (1895-1948)

        Island of Desire, The

Froest, Frank   (1858-1930)

        Grell Mystery, The

Frost, Robert  (1874-1963)     罗伯特·弗罗斯特

        Boy's Will, A      《少年的心愿》

Frost, William Henry  (1863-1902)

        Fairies and Folk of Ireland

Froude, James Anthony  (1818-1894)

        Caesar: A Sketch

        English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century

        Froude's Essays in Literature and History

        Reign of Henry the Eighth, The      Volume One

        Reign of Mary Tudor, The

        Short Studies on Great Subjects

Fuller, Anna   (1853-1916)

        Peak and Prairie   From a Colorado Sketch-book

        Venetian June, A

Fuller, Henry Blake  (1857-1929)

        Bertram Cope's Year

        Under the Skylights

        With the Procession

Fuller, Margaret  (1810-1850)

        At Home And Abroad    or, Things And Thoughts In America and Europe

        Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli      Volume One      Volume Two

        Summer on the Lakes, in 1843

        Woman in the Ninteenth Century

Furman, Lucy S.

        Mothering on Perilous

Furphy, Joseph  (1843-1912)

        Such is Life  《人生就是如此》

Futrelle, Jacques  (1875-1912)

        Diamond Master, The

        Elusive Isabel

        Haunted Bell, The

        Problem of Cell 13, The

Fyffe, Charles Alan  (1845-1892)

        History of Modern Europe 1792-1878








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