Dampier, William   (1651-1715)

        New Voyage Round the World, A

Dana, Richard Henry  (1815-1882)

        Two Years Before the Mast

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)   但丁

        Banquet (Il Convito), The

        Divine Comedy, The   《神曲》

D'Arcy, Ella   (1851-1939)

        Villa Lucienne, The

Darrow, Clarence   (1857-1938)

        Story of my Life, The

Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)   查尔斯·达尔文

        Autobiography of Charles Darwin, The

        Coral Reefs

        Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex, The 《人类的由来及性选择》 

        Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the Same Species, The

        Effects of Cross & Self-Fertilisation in the Vegetable Kingdom, The

        Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals, The   《人与动物的情感表达》

        Formation of Vegetable Mould, The

        Foundations of the Origin of Species, The

        Insectivorous Plants

        Life and Letters of Charles Darwin        Volume 1        Volume 2

        More Letters of Charles Darwin        Volume I        Volume II

        Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants, The

        Origin of Species, The   《物种起源》 

        South American Geology

        Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication, The     Volume 1      Volume 2

        Volcanic Islands

        Voyage of the Beagle, The   《随小猎犬号航行考察》

Darwin, Erasmus  (1731-1802)

        Botanic Garden, The (A Poem in Two Parts)           Part I        Part II

Dasent, George W.   (1817-1896)

        Popular Tales from the Norse

Daudet, Alphonse  (1840-1897)

        Artists' Wives

        Fromont and Risler

        Immortal, The   or, One of The "Forty"


        Nabob, The

        Tartarin of Tarascon

        Tartarin On The Alps

D'Avenant, Charles (1656-1714)

        Essay on the East-India Trade, An

Daviess, Maria Thompson  (1872-1924)

        Andrew the Glad

        Daredevil, The

        Golden Bird, The

        Heart's Kingdom, The

        Melting of Molly, The

        Over Paradise Ridge   A Romance


        Road To Providence, The

        Rose of Old Harpeth

        Tinder-Box, The

Davis, James J.  (1873-1947)

        Iron Puddler, The

Davis, Rebecca Harding   (1831-1910)   吕蓓卡·H·戴维斯

        Frances Waldeaux

        Life in the Iron-Mills   《钢铁厂的生活》

        Story of To-day, A

Davis, Richard Harding  (1864-1916)

        Adventures and Letters

        Amateur, The

        Bar Sinister, The

        Billy and the Big Stick

        Boy Scout, The

        Captain Macklin

        Charmed Life, A

        Cinderella and Other Stories

        Congo and Coasts of Africa, The

        Consul, The

        Cuba in War Time

        Deserter, The

        Episodes In Van Bibber's Life

        Exiles and Other Stories, The

        Frame Up, The

        Gallegher and Other Stories

        In the Fog

        King's Jackal, The

        Lion and the Unicorn

        Log of the Jolly Polly, The

        Lost House, The

        Lost Road and Other Stories, The

        Make-Believe Man, The

        Man Who Could Not Lose, The

        Messengers, The

        Miss Civilization

        My Buried Treasure

        Nature Faker, The

        Notes of a War Correspondent

        Once Upon A Time

        Peace Manoeuvres

        Princess Aline, The

        Question of Latitude, A

        Ranson's Folly

        Real Soldiers of Fortune

        Red Cross Girl, The

        Reporter Who Made Himself King, The

        Scarlet Car, The   《红车》

        Soldiers of Fortune

        Somewhere in France

        Spy, The 

        Van Bibber and Others

        Vera, The Medium

        Wasted Day, A

        White Mice, The

        With the Allies

Dawson, Coningsby  (1883-1959)

        Carry On

        Christmas Outside of Eden

        Glory of the Trenches, The

        Kingdom Round the Corner, The   A Novel

        Out To Win   The Story of America in France

Dawson, William J.  (1854-1928)

        Empire of Love, The

        Quest of the Simple Life, The

Day, Frank Parker   (1881-1950)


Day, Holman  (1865-1935)

        All-Wool Morrison

        Blow The Man Down   A Romance Of The Coast

        Joan of Arc of the North Woods

        Landloper, The   The Romance Of A Man On Foot

        Rainy Day Railroad War, The

        Ramrodders, The   A Novel

        Skipper and the Skipped, The   Being the Shore Log of Cap'n Aaron Sproul

        When Egypt Went Broke

De la Mare, Walter  (1873-1956)

        Collected Poems 1901-1918 in Two Volumes      Volume I     Volume II

        Henry Brocken

        Listeners and Other Poems, The

        Peacock Pie, A Book of Rhymes

        Return, The

        Songs of Childhood

Deeping, Warwick   (1877-1950)


        Old Pybus

        Roper's Row

        Secret Sanctuary, The

        Sorrell and Son

Defoe, Daniel  (1661-1731)   丹尼尔·笛福

        Complete English Tradesman, The

        Consolidator, The

        Dickory Cronke

        Essay Upon Projects, An

        Everybody's Business is Nobody's Business  

        From London to Land's End

        Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, The  《鲁滨逊漂流记续集》

        Giving Alms No Charity

        History of the Plague in London

        History of the Remarkable Life of John Sheppard, The

        Journal of the Plague Year, A   《瘟疫年纪事》 

        Life, Adventures & Piracies of the Famous Captain Singleton, The

        Memoirs of a Cavalier

        Memoirs of Major Alexander Ramkins

        Military Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton

        Moll Flanders   《摩尔·弗兰德斯》 

        Of Captain Mission

        Robinson Crusoe   《鲁滨逊漂流记》 


        Tour Through the Eastern Counties of England   《英国东部各县》

        Vindication of the Press, A

Deland, Margaret Wade Campbell  (1857-1945)

        Awakening of Helena Richie, The

        Iron Woman, The

        John Ward, Preacher

        Vehement Flame, The

        Voice, The

        Way to Peace, The

Dell, Ethel May  (1881-1939)

        Bars of Iron, The

        Charles Rex


        Keeper of the Door, The

        Knave of Diamonds, The

        Lamp in the Desert, The

        Obstacle Race, The

        Odds, The   And Other Stories

        Rocks of Valpre, The

        Rosa Mundi and Other Stories

        Safety Curtain, and Other Stories, The

        Swindler and Other Stories, The

        Tidal Wave and Other Stories, The

        Top of the World, The

        Way of an Eagle, The

De Mille, James  (c.1836-1880)

        American Baron, The

        Cord and Creese

        Lady of the Ice, The   A Novel

        Living Link, The

        Lost in the Fog

        Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, A

Dennis, Clarence James (1876-1938)

        Backblock Ballads and Later Verses

        Book for Kids, A

        Digger Smith


        Glugs of Gosh, The

        Jim of The Hills

        Moods of Ginger Mick, The

        Rose of Spadgers

        Songs of a Sentimental Bloke, The

Depew, Chauncey M.  (1834-1928)

        My Memories of Eighty Years

De Quincey, Thomas  (1785-1859)

        Autobiographic Sketches

        Biographical Essays

        Caesars, The

        Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

        De Quincey's Revolt of the Tartars

        English Mail-Coach and Joan of Arc, The

        Memorials and Other Papers

        Miscellaneous Essays

        Narrative And Miscellaneous Papers

        Notebook of an English Opium-Eater, The

        Posthumous Works of Thomas De Quincey, The     Volume 01     Volume 02

        Theological Essays and Other Papers        Volume 01      Volume 02

        Uncollected Writings of Thomas de Quincey, The        Volume 01     Volume 02

De Saint-Pierre, Bernardin  (1737-1814)

        Paul and Virginia

Descartes, Rene  (1596-1650)   笛卡儿

        Meditations on First Philosophy

        Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason  

Dickens, Charles  (1812-1870)   查尔斯·狄更斯

        American Notes   《旅美札记》  

        Barnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of Eighty   《巴纳比·拉奇,1780年的暴动》

        Battle of Life, The   《人生的战斗》 

        Bleak House   《荒凉山庄》 

        Child's History of England, A   《写给孩子看的英国历史》

        Chimes, The   《钟声》 

        Christmas Carol, A   《圣诞欢歌》 

        Contributions to: All The Year Round 

        Cricket on the Hearth, The   《炉边蟋蟀》

        David Copperfield   《大卫·科波菲尔》 

        Doctor Marigold   《马利高德大夫的厨房》

        Domby and Son   《董贝父子》  

        George Silverman's Explanation   《乔治·斯沃尔曼的解释》 

        Going into Society   《走进上流社会》

        Great Expectations   《伟大的期望》 

        Hard Times    《艰难时世》 

        Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain, The   《神缠身的人》

        Holiday Romance, A   《假日罗曼史》 

        Holly-Tree, The   《冬青树》

        House to Let, A

        Hunted Down: the Detective Stories of Charles Dickens  

        Lamplighter, The   《点灯人》

        Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices   《两个无聊学徒的懒散旅行》

        Letters of Charles Dickens, The        Volume 01     Volume 02     Volume 03

        Little Dorrit   《小杜丽》 

        Martin Chuzzlewit   《马丁·霍述伟》 

        Master Humphrey's Clock 

        Message from the Sea, A   《海上通信》

        Miscellaneous Papers   《散文集》 

        Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy   《咧咧破太太的遗产》

        Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings   《咧咧破太太的公寓》

        Mudfog and Other Sketches

        Mugby Junction   《马格比车站》

        Mystery of Edwin Drood, The (unfinished)   《德鲁特疑案》 

        Nicholas Nickleby   《尼古拉斯·尼克贝》 

        No Thoroughfare   《此路不通》

        Old Curiosity Shop, The   《老古玩店》 

        Oliver Twist   《雾都孤儿》

        Our Mutual Friend   《我们共同的朋友》

        Perils of Certain English Prisoners, The    《某些英国犯人的险境》

        Pickwick Papers, The   《匹克威克外传》 

        Pictures from Italy   《意大利风光》

        Reprinted Pieces   《重印的作品》

        Seven Poor Travellers, The   《七个可怜的旅人》

        Sketches by Boz   《博兹札记》 

        Skethches of Young Couples   《青年夫妇手记》

        Sketches of Young Gentlemen   《青年绅士手记》

        Some Christmas Stories

        Somebody's Luggage   《某某人的行李》

        Speeches: Literary and Social   《关于文学与社会的演讲》 

        Sunday Under Three Heads 

        Tale of Two Cities, A   《双城记》

        Three Ghost Stories   《三个鬼故事》

        To Be Read at Dusk   《供黄昏看的读物》

        Tom Tiddler's Ground   《汤姆·梯特勒的土地》

        Uncommercial Traveller, The 

        Wreck of the Golden Mary, The   《金玛丽号的沉没》

Dickinson, Emily (1830-1886)

        Poems        Series One        Series Two        Series Three

Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes  (1862-1932)

        European Anarchy, The

        Greek View of Life, The

        Meaning of Good, The   A Dialogue

Disraeli, Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield  (1804-1881)

        Alroy   The Prince Of The Captivity


        Count Alarcos   A Tragedy


        Henrietta Temple   A Love Story

        Infernal Marriage, The

        Ixion In Heaven

        Lord George Bentinck   A Political Biography


        Rise of Iskander, The


        Sybil, or the Two Nations

        Tancred   or, The New Crusade


        Vivian Grey

        Voyage of Captain Popanilla, The

        Young Duke, The

Disraeli, Isaac  (1766-1848)

        Curiosities of Literature      Volume01      Volume02

        Literary Character of Men of Genius

Ditchfield, Peter Hampson  (1854-1930)

        Books Fatal to Their Authors

        English Villages

        Old English Sports

        Parish Clerk, The

        Vanishing England

Diver, Maud   (1867-1945)

        Far to Seek   A Romance of England and India

        Great Amulet, The

Dixon, Thomas  (1864-1946)

        Foolish Virgin, The

        Man in Gray, The

        Man of the People, A       A Drama of Abraham Lincoln

        One Woman, The

        Root of Evil, The

        Southerner, The   A Romance of the Real Lincoln

        Victim, The   A romance of the Real Jefferson Davis

Dobie, Charles Caldwell  (1881-1943)

        Blood Red Dawn, The

        Broken to the Plow

Dobson, Austin   (1840-1921)

        De Libris: Prose and Verse

Dodge, Mary Mapes  (1830-1905)

        Hans Brinker, or, The Silver Skates

Donn-Byrne, Brian Oswald  (1889-1928)

        Messer Marco Polo

Donnelly, Ignatius  (1831-1901)

        Atlantis: The Antediluvian World

        Caesar's Column

Dostoevsky, Fyodor  (1821-1881)   费奥多尔·陀思妥耶夫斯基

        Brothers Karamazov, The   《卡拉马佐夫兄弟》

        Crime and Punishment   《罪与罚》

        Gambler, The

        Idiot, The   《白痴》

        Notes from the Underground   《地下室手记》

        Poor Folk

        Possessed, The (The Devils)

        Raw Youth, A

Doubleday, Abner   (1819-1893)

        Reminiscences of Forts Sumter and Moultrie in 1860-'61

Doubleday, Nellie Blanchan (De Graff)  (1865-1918)

        Bird Neighbors

Dougall, Lily  (1858-1923)

        Dozen Ways Of Love, A

        Mermaid, The   A Love Tale

        Mormon Prophet, The

        What Necessity Knows

        Zeit-Geist, The

Douglas, Amanda Minnie  (1831-1916)

        Floyd Grandon's Honor

        Girls at Mount Morris, The

        Little Girl in Old Boston, A

        Little Girl in Old Detroit, A

        Little Girl in Old New York, A

        Little Girl in Old Quebec, A

        Little Girl in Old Salem, A

        Little Girl of Long Ago, A

Douglas, George Norman  (1868-1952)


        Fountains In The Sand   Rambles Among The Oases Of Tunisia

        Good-bye to Western Culture

        Haunted Cove, The

        London Street Games

        Old Calabria

Douglas, Lloyd C.   (1877-1951)

        Big Fisherman, The

        Disputed Passage

        Forgive Us Our Trespasses

        Magnificent Obsession

        Robe, The

        White Banners

Douglas, O.  (1877-1948)

        Olivia in India

        Penny Plain

Douglass, Frederick  (1817-1895)   弗里德里克·道格拉斯

        Collected Articles of Frederick Douglass

        My Bondage and My Freedom   《我的契约和我的自由》

Doumic, Rene  (1860-1937)

        George Sand, Some Aspects of Her Life and Writings

Dowden, Edward  (1843-1913)

        History of French Literature, A

        Robert Browning

Dowson, Ernest   (1882-1952)

        Dying of Francis Donne and others, The

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir  (1859-1930)      阿瑟·柯南道尔

        Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The   《福尔摩斯探案集》

        Beyond the City

        Brown Hand, The

        Bully of Brocas Court, The

        Cabman's Story, The

        Captain of the Pole-Star and Other Tales, The

        Danger! and Other Stories

        Debatable Case of Mrs. Emsley, The

        Desert Drama, A   Being The Tragedy Of The "Korosko"

        Disintegration Machine, The

        Doings Of Raffles Haw, The

        Duet, A   with an Occasional Chorus

        Edge of the Unknown, The

        Exploits Of Brigadier Gerard, The

        Firm of Girdlestone, The

        Great Boer War, The

        Great Brown-Pericord Motor, The

        Great Shadow and Other Napoleonic Tales, The

        Green Flag, The

        His Last Bow

        History of Spiritualism, The        Volume One        Volume Two

        Holocaust of Manor Place, The

        Hound of the Baskervilles, The   《巴斯克维尔庄园的猎犬》

        Land Of Mist, The

        Last Galley Impressions and Tales, The 

        Last of the Legions and Other Tales of Long Ag, The

        Lost World, The   《失去的世界》

        Love Affair of George Vincent Parker, The

        Maracot Deep, The

        Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes   《福尔摩斯回忆录》

        Micah Clarke

        My Friend The Murderer

        Mysteries and Adventures

        New Revelation, The

        Parasite, The

        Parish Magazine, The

        Playing with Fire

        Poison Belt, The   《有毒带》

        Refugees, The

        Return of Sherlock Holmes, The   《福尔摩斯归来记》

        Rodney Stone

        Round the Fire Stories

        Round the Red Lamp   Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life

        Sign of Four, The   《四签名》

        Sir Nigel

        Songs of Action

        Study in Scarlet, A   《血字的研究》

        Tales of Long Ago

        Tales of Pirates and Blue Water

        Tales of Terror and Mystery

        Tales of Twilight and the Unseen

        Through the Magic Door

        Tragedy of The Korosko, The

        Uncle Bernac   A Memory of the Empire

        Valley of Fear, The   《恐怖峡谷》

        Visit to Three Fronts, A

        Vital Message, The

        War in South Africa, The   Its Cause and Conduct

        When the World Screamed

        White Company, The

Drake, Joseph Rodman  (1795-1820)

        Culprit Fay and Other Poems, The

Dreiser, Theodore  (1871-1945)   西奥多·德莱塞

        American Tragedy, An   《美国悲剧》

        Financier, The   《金融家》

        "Genius", The    《“天才”》

        Jennie Gerhardt    《珍妮姑娘》

        Sister Carrie   《嘉莉妹妹》

        Titan, The   《巨人》

        Twelve Men   《十二个男人》

Drinkwater, John  (1882-1937)

        Abraham Lincoln

        Lyric, The   An Essay

        Oliver Cromwell

        Preludes 1921-1922

Drummond, Henry (1851-1897)

        Beautiful Thoughts

        Greatest Thing In the World and Other Addresses, The

        Natural Law in the Spiritual World

        Pax Vobiscum

Dryden, John  (1631-1700)

        All For Love

        Discourses on Satire and Epic Poetry

        His Majesties Declaration Defended

        Palamon and Arcite

        Poetical Works of John Dryden, The        Volume01      Volume02

Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt  (1868-1963)

        Conservation of Races, The

        Darkwater   Voices From Within The Veil

        Negro, The      《论黑人》

        Quest of the Silver Fleece, The   A Novel      《寻找金羊毛》

        Souls of Black Folk, The      《黑人的灵魂》

        Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States of America 1638-1870, The 


Du Maurier, George  (1834-1896)

        Peter Ibbetson

        Social Pictorial Satire


Duff-Gordon, Lucie, Lady  (1821-1869)

        Letters from Egypt

        Letters from the Cape

Dufferin, Lord  (1826-1902)

        Letters From High Latitudes

Dumas fils, Alexandre   (1824-1895)    小仲马


        Son of Clemenceau, The

Dumas père, Alexandre  (1802-1870)   大仲马

        Ali Pacha

        Black Tulip, The   《黑郁金香》 

        Borgias, The

        Celebrated Crimes   Complete

        Cenci, The

        Chicot the Jester

        Companions of Jehu, The

        Conspirators, The   The Chevalier d'Harmental

        Count of Monte Cristo, The     《基督山伯爵》 

        Countess of Saint Geran, The


        Forty-Five Guardsmen, The

        Joan of Naples

        Karl Ludwig Sand

        La Constantin

        Louise de la Valliere

        Man in the Iron Mask, The      《铁面人》

        Marquise de Brinvilliers

        Marquise de Ganges

        Martin Guerre

        Mary Stuart

        Massacres of the South



        Queen's Necklace, The

        Regent's Daughter, The

        Ten Years Later     《十年后》

        Three Musketeers, The     《三剑客》

        Twenty Years After     《二十年后 》

        Urbain Grandier


        Vicomte de Bragelonne, The

Dunbar-Nelson, Alice Moore  (1875-1935)    艾丽斯·邓巴-纳尔逊

        Goodness of St. Rocque and Other Stories, The      《圣洛克的品德及其他短篇小说》

        Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence  (as Editor)      《黑人演讲精品》

        Violets and Other Tales     《紫罗兰及其他故事》

Dunbar, Paul Laurence  (1872-1906)      保罗·劳伦斯·邓巴

        Complete Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar, The      《保罗·劳伦斯·邓巴诗歌全集》

        Heart of Happy Hollow, The   A Collection of Stories

        Sport of the Gods, The      《神祗的玩笑》

        Strength of Gideon and Other Stories, The

        Uncalled, The   A Novel

Duncan, Norman  (1871-1916)

        Doctor Luke of the Labrador

        Harbor Tales Down North

Duncan, Sara Jeannette  (c.1862-1922)

        Daughter of To-Day, A

        Hilda   A Story of Calcutta

        Imperialist, The

        Path of a Star, The

        Pool in the Desert, The

        Story of Sonny Sahib, The

        Voyage of Consolation, A

Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron  (1878-1957)

        Book of Wonder, The

        Don Rodriguez   Chronicles of Shadow Valley

        Dreamer's Tales, A

        Fifty-One Tales

        Gods of Pegana, The

        If    a play in four acts

        Plays of Gods and Men

        Plays of Near & Far

        Selections from the Writings of Lord Dunsay

        Sword of Welleran and Other Stories, The

        Tales of Three Hemispheres

        Tales of War

        Tales of Wonder

        Time and the Gods

        Unhappy Far-Off Things

Dyer, Frank Lewis  (1870-1941)   弗兰克·L·戴尔

        Edison, His Life and Inventions   《爱迪生的生平和发明》

Dyer, T. F. Thiselton   (1848-1923)

        Strange Pages from Family Papers

Dyson, Edward  (1865-1931)

        Below and on Top and Other Stories

        Benno and Some of the Push

        Fact'ry 'Ands

        Golden Shanty, The

        Gold-Stealers, The

        "Hello, Soldier!"

        In the Roaring Fifties

        Missing Link, The

        Rhymes from the Mines








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